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Atriba Holistic Health offers a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness. We promote healing and wellness through healthy alternatives to mainstream medicine using treatments that help to reconnect your body and mind to activate your own innate healing abilities.
At Atriba Holistic Health we believe it is our responsibility as healthcare practitioners to encourage and educate our clients to take care of their own health and wellbeing.

Let your wellness journey begin today with Atriba Holistic Health.


Rediscover Your Body's own Natural Healing Abilities.


Atriba Holistic Health offers a variety of natural wellness services designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. We consider ourselves educators as well as practitioners, since we teach each client about the strength that they carry within their own bodies and minds.

We offer a whole approach to health through our range of services which focus on balancing the client's physical body with their mind. Our services focus on improving nutrition and diet to rebalance the body to it's natural healthy state. Lifestyle guidance through coaching and mindset conditioning allows new habits to be formed and implemented to achieve success in all areas of your life. Our range of Complimentary therapies such as Reiki help to maintain balance and tranquility in your everyday life and promote overall wellness for your body and mind.

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Train Your Brain, Enhance Your Life.

Your brain is one of the prime control centres of your body, it processes information based on your thoughts and gives an output in the form of your emotions and actions.

Are you regularly facilitating negative self talk? Do you lack self-belief, confidence or love for yourself? Do you regularly feel anxious, depressed or stuck in your life? Or maybe you are struggling to kick a habit or the same story has been stuck on repeat for you?

If the answer is yes, now is the time to recondition your thought process and program your mind to become the most successful & fulfilled version of yourself.

Our practitioners use a results-based approach by incorporating a variety of techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). To help you clear negative thought patterns, break emotional addictions & habits and create simple yet effective processes to enable you to manage life's stresses whilst taking steps to achieving the life you desire.

Who are these sessions for?

Anyone who is facing some kind of block in their life, such as:

o Feeling down or unfulfilled with your life

o A lack of self-belief, confidence or love for yourself

o Feeling anxious, depressed or stuck in your life

o Finding yourself in the same types of relationships with the same problems.

o Unable to attain your desires (Relationship, wealth, health, lifestyle, career, confidence)

o Destructive habits or addictions: (Emotional eating, substance abuse, overuse of technology or Social Media, escapism)

o Blocks with money or career

o Long standing health problems

o Social anxiety and communication issues

o Stress management and wellness advice

o Trauma

o A need for change and support in taking action

 1 hour session: $125


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Revive, Renew and Ignite

Work with a coach to realign your relationship and reconnect to what first attracted you to your partner. Learn tools to understand your partners communication style and the importance of the balance of both the masculine and feminine principles of each partner, regardless of gender. Are you allowing your whole self into the relationship or have you fallen into the habit of playing a certain role? Learn how to establish and meet your needs whilst learning how to navigate the desires and needs of your partner without compromising who you are. Receive a practical step by step plan specifically designed to disrupt old neuro-pathways in the brain which are responsible for forming old habits and routine which may be keeping you stuck in a relationship rut. Learn how to feel whole and connected to yourself and your partner to reignite the connection within your relationship.

1 hour session: $190



Connect, align & grow with your team.

We as a society, spend most of our lives at work, so it is vital to create an environment where employees can thrive, create and express themselves in order to attain sustainable success and joy for all. When people feel valued, seen & heard they begin to thrive. We teach you the tools to create this. 

Corporate Coaching combines mindfulness, stress-management, team building, future projection, team alignment, authentic communication skills plus so much more. We use a range of results-based coaching techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  NLP rapidly shifts old habits and beliefs which may be causing a stagnant & depressing work environment using the bio-chemistry of the brain. 

Does your workplace need a reset? A boost of motivation, excitement and alignment? Let us help create connection & growth in your workspace.

Packages and workshops are tailored to the individual needs of your company. Please contact us for more information on packages and fees.


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Balance Your Body

The food we put into our bodies on a daily basis determines how well we function and also how our brains process information. Therefore it is essential to fuel your body with the right nutrients in order for you to perform at your full potential with maximum energy and focus.

Our certified Nutritional Therapist will work with you to discover any deficiencies in your diet that you may have which are preventing your body from absorbing nutrients optimally. From there we can create a tailored plan to help you reach your desired goal, whether that might be to lose weight, increase energy levels or target a specific problem such as digestive issues, allergies or intolerances.

Initial consultation and health assessment (30 min) $70

Please call to speak to one of our practitioners so we can tailor our service to your individual needs.


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Relax, Release & Rejuvenate

Feeling like your body and soul are not exactly connected? Looking for a relaxing treatment experience?

Our Reiki treatment will put your body at ease. Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way. Our certified Reiki practitioners work with your body's natural energy to restore physical and emotional wellbeing and gently activate your body's own healing mechanisms.

Reiki works to replenish your senses and create a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

When you are relaxed and recharged, you tend to make healthier choices, think healthier thoughts and manage life's stresses with ease. This in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual.

1.5 hour Reiki treatment includes: 1 hour of Reiki finished with a 10 minute sound healing with Tibetan Singing bowls. Followed by a 20 minute energy report and analysis of the treatment plus a post-treatment tea: $135

Book your appointment today to begin your healing journey.


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Create internal balance.

Mindfulness put simply, is the ability to be completely present. Meditation is the exercise used to develop the ability to be present. 

Meditation is not sitting cross-legged, in a state of silent bliss. It is a practice to strengthen the muscles of the mind. Just like any other muscle in the body, the more it is exercised, the stronger it becomes. We teach you simple, practical methods to quiet the mind and develop a practice of presence through everyday mindfulness. We teach this 1-1, in groups, workshops and in corporate packages. To learn more, please contact us. 



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Holistic Health Professionals

Our mission at Atriba Holistic Health is to provide our clients with an integrated and holistic approach to wellness. We do not solely aim to fix or diagnose problems. Rather, we enrich our clients lives by providing them with the tools and skill set to take control of their own health and wellbeing and by helping them unlock their healing potential through a balanced diet, conscious thought process and healthy lifestyle choices.

Carry-Louise Hansell is the founder and lead practitioner of Atriba Holistic Health. Her passion for natural health and wellness and a keen interest in human behaviour has catapulted her to a recognised and highly regarded practitioner within the natural health and wellbeing space. Working with Corporate Australia and her private clientele to educate and offer practical skills to implement peace and balance in everyday lives that are dominated by a fast paced world.

At Atriba Holistic Health we consider each client individually in order to determine a series of treatments that will encourage each individual body to heal itself.

Book your appointment today or feel free to give us a call to learn more.